News 15.11.2015 09:00

Day 2: Slovaks and Czechs confirmed their dominance in triples

Second day of the European Championships offered mainly matches of triples. Home team of Slovakia and Czech team were in very good shape and advanced to the final without bigger problems.

The audience in Humenné saw some very good futnet during the basic group matches, especially in the three-set battle between Switzerland and Hungary. First set was very tight with a bit more luck on Swiss side (13:11) but Tamás Pál cheered up his team and Hungary won the second set 12:10. Switzerland was surprised by the sudden turnover and lost the final set to Hungary 6:11.

Denmark, Austria, England and Ireland did not make it to quarterfinals in the hard competition and thus played for 9th to 12th place with England being the most succesful of the four countries.

In the first quarterfinal Slovak team led by Ján Brutovský won against Switzerland in two sets (11:4, 11:5). France eliminated Poland in the second quarterfinal showing their excellent acrobatic skills in offensive (11:5, 11:3).

Day 2 Humenne113Hungary started rather slowly in the derby match against Romania, losing the first set 3:11. Pál and his team improved their performance in the second set but it still was not enough to beat Bobis and his company and Hungary lost the second set 9:11.

Finally Ukraine challenged Czech Republic in the fourth quarterfinal. Czech coach Petr Gulda must have been very disturbed, when Czech team was losing 0:4 at the beginning of the first set. He later sent Jan Vanke to eliminate the Ukrainian smashes with his excellent block and it was a succesful move, the Czechs won the first set 11:6. Czech team was much more focused in the second set and won 11:4.

Semifinals – Saturday 14 November

Slovakia x France

Romania x Czech Republic