News 15.11.2015 11:00

Day 2 – Doubles – Brutovský beats Bobis in battle of Titans

Slovakia and Czech Republic go to finals, Romania and France will play for bronze medals.

Fisrt semifinal match of Slovakia against Romania was quite thrilling. Slovak Brutovský, Belko and Stupák played against Bobis and Sorean brothers and the home double was more successful (11:8). But situation turned upside down in second period when Romania won 11:9. But then Bobis suffered a minor injury and his double lost the third set and lost the third set to Brutovský and company 11:3.

There was no bigger drama in the second semifinal. Czech double Kop, Rosenberk, Müller played their standard against French Voisinot, Merciér and Prual. Kop eliminated the powerful acrobatic smashes of Merciér and added enough power and accuracy to his attacks. Czech team won 11:6 and 11:8 and advanced to final.

Medal matches – Sunday 15 November

14:30 CET Romania x France (3rd place match)

15:00 CET Slovakia x Czech Republic (final)