News 15.11.2015 14:30

Day 3: Bobis secures gold medal for Romania in singles

Bronze medal goes to Hungarian Arpád sipos after a magnificent battle against Voisinot (FRA).

Final day of the tournament started with matches for 7th place in singles between Marcin Skrydalewicz (POL) and Jamie Mulrooney from Ireland. Skrydalewicz showed more experience and beat his opponent 11:7 and 11:2.

Match for 5th place between Aurelién Kolly and Ladislav Stupák was scratched beacuse of injury of Slovak single player in semifinal of doubles and thus 5th place goes to Switzerland.

Bronze medal match was one of the most beautiful games of the championships. Arpád Sipos won the first set against French Vincent Voisinot by a narrow margin of two points (12:10). But Voisinot cheered up by his coach Guillaume Ortis found new energy and beat Sipos 11:8. In the decisive third set, Voisinot made one or two errors and Sipos took this chance and obtained bronze medal.

The final between Bobis (ROU) and Vít (CZE) was shorter than bronze medal match, but both players showed the best of their skills. Bobis, though slightly injured, confirmed his reputation of a fierce opponent. Vít tried to resist and scored some very good points, but still in overal view, the gold medal of Bobis is very well deserved – 2:0 (11:6, 11:8).