News 15.11.2015 15:30

Day 3: Gold medals for Czechs in doubles

First of the doubles programme on Sunday, Ukraine challenged Hungary in the match for 7th place, but did not succeed and thus Pál and company placed 7th after a two sets with identical result 11:8. It has to be admitted that Ukraine had made quite a progress during past years.

Poland tried to surprise Switzerland in the 5th place match, but Swiss players were fully focused and defeated Poland in two sets 11:7 and 11:8.

Romania and France battled for 3rd place and it was a really tight match. Both sets ended 11:9 in favour of Romania. The end of the second set raised big discussions but that changed nothing about the fact that Romania added bronze medals to gold of Bobis in singles.

Czech double Kop – Rosenberk met Slovak double Brutovský – Belko in the final match for gold medal. Slovak team played short-handed due to injury of Ladislav Stupák in previous stages of the tournament. The powers were equal at the beginning of the first set but the Czechs forced Brutovský and Belko to some errors in the ending of the set and won 11:6. The second set was controlled by Czech double from the very beginning. Still young but very skilled Belko was a little bit nervous and Czech team used this fact to its advantage. Kop and Rosenberk won the second set 11:7 and earned gold medals.