News 16.11.2015 09:00

Humenné offered magnificent futnet

Town of Humenné was an excellent host of the European Championships and offered great level of service to all players and officials. Hotel Alibaba was a perfect base for the tournament, the Municipal Sports Hall was an ideal venue for the competition and the spectators. Awesome is the right word to decribe them.

All the teams did their best to perform top futnet. Czech Republic was the most succesful team of the championships, winning gold medals in doubles and triples with a bonus of silver medal of Ondřej Vít in singles. Home team of Slovakia is undergoing a generation exchange and Ján Brutovský and his younger teammates earned two silvers in doubles and triples. Romanian players confirmed their very good shape with gold in singles and bronze medals in doubles and triples. Georgel Bobis is still a top class player in singles. And finally, Arpád Sipos earned third place in singles for Hungary.

Czech Republic had kind of small revenge for 2012 World Championships in Nymburk where Slovak team won all three gold medals. But Ján Brutovský is passing experience to younger players and Slovak team will definitely be a much harder competitor in the upcoming years.

A great thanks is to be given to all organisers who participated on the success of the event. The championships will be remembered as one of the best events organised so far in our sport.

Thank you Slovakia! Thank you Humenné!

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