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History of futnet in Slovakia, Part II (1974-present)

On 5 November 1974, the official Slovak Futnet Association was founded under the name of Výbor nohejbalového zväzu SÚV ČSZTV or Committee of Futnet Association. The Committee was in charge of the Slovak national league, helped regional authorities with the start-up of their competitions and provided trainings for coaches and referees.

Until 1987 the competitions in Slovakia and the Czech Republic were played separately, but in 1987, Czechoslovak Futnet Association (Československý nohejbalový zväz) was founded (already in 1975 there had been attempts to create such association and federal competitions, but not successful).

As of 1988 the Czechoslovak championship (Majstrovstvá ČSSR) was organised regularly by way of tournaments with the participation of three best teams of both national leagues. 

After November 1989 (so-called Velvet Revolution, peaceful protests which brought about the end of communism in Czechoslovakia) changes in sports structure in Slovakia ensued. In 1990, Slovak Futnet Association was renamed from Slovenský nohejbalový zväz to Slovenská futbaltenisová asociácia, but since the word „futbaltenisová“ led to confusion, in 1995 the name was changed to its present form Slovenská nohejbalová asociácia.

After 1993, when Czechoslovakia split up and two independent states were created, futnet competitions started to be organised separately in both countries.

In 1993 Slovakia became a member of International Footballtennis Association (IFTA).

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In 1994, Slovakia hosted 1st World Footballtennis Championship in men´s category and in 2000, 1st World Footballtennis Championship for women and juniors. Slovakia has also hosted European Championships in 2007 and 2013.

Slovakia is the founding member of European Futnet Association (EFTA) and Union Internationale de Futnet (UNIF) and plays an active role in their work. The organisation of Women’s and Juniors European Championships in 2013 and of Men’s European Championships this year proves their strong commitment to the development of futnet on an international level.