The European Championships will be held in Humenné, Slovakia, in the Municipal Sports Hall and Sports Hall of Secondary Polytechnical School (SOŠ). Both venues are within 5 min walk.

In the Municipal Sports Hall (MŠH) matches will be played all three days - on Friday on two courts, on Saturday and Sunday one one court. This is the main EC venue where the opening ceremony, semifinals as well as finals will take place. The capacity of the sports hall is 1200 spectators.

   Name and address: Mestská športová hala, Chemlonská 7, 066 01 Humenné

In the Sports Hall of Secondary Polytechnical School (SOŠ) matches will be played on Friday all day and Saturday morning till early afternoon, both days on one court.

   Name and address: Stredná odborná škola polytechnická (SOŠ), Štefánikova 1550/2, 066 01 Humenné

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